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G-mon - HYIP lister

G-mon fair HYIP monitor is a list of top high-yield investment projects (HYIPs) for earning and receiving passive income on the Internet. The basic principle of the work of such projects is based on the inclusion of its participants' money deposits and the subsequent repayment of interest (percents). This can be compared to a deposit at a bank, but interest in HYIPs can be at times (and even hundreds of times) higher. For example, if HYIP provides a 2% daily income, your profit will be near 60% in month (if you invested 100$, you will get total 160$ after 1 month). At the same time, the minimum amount of investment usually ranges from 5$-10$. Therefore anyone can start earning money on HYIPs.

Deposits are made to the HYIP using electronic payment systems (Perfect money, Payeer, AdvCash, etc.) or crypto-currency. Each HYIP has its own investment plans. Conditionally all HYIPs can be divided into 3 categories: fast, with a yield of 61% per month; medium, more stable HYIPs with a yield from 15% to 60% per month; long-term projects with a yield of up to 15% per month (such HYIPs are the most reliable, but not always). It is worthwhile to understand that the hype exists until there is an influx of new deposits. In fact, this can be considered a financial pyramid, with slight differences. But there are top HYIPs who are really engaged in real financial activity. Such real projects work longer and more stable. However, in most cases, HYIP projects are limited to finding and campaigning for new depositors. This does not mean that it is impossible to earn money on HYIPs. After all, if the project admin is an honest person, then he will do everything possible for the longest and most stable work of his resource. And to increase your income. Unfortunately, it often happens on the contrary, and it must be remembered.

The rules for investing in HYIP can be found on many online resources. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with them before using our site. This will reduce your risks and allow you to maximize your profit on investment.

The activity of our site is aimed at testing and studying the HYIP projects. We make our own deposit, and we report every day on received interest payments. If the HYIP stops paying, the scam occurs. We immediately notify our partners about this.

In the HYIPs list, you can find both new and stable and reliable projects. We provide all the most relevant information for each HYIP. You can view the reviews, vote for the program, discuss the project in our chats.

The main feature of our resource is a high referral comission back (RCB). This means that we send you a bonus in the form of a part of the money that we received when you registered in the project from our list. In some cases, we return almost half of your deposit to the project. For example, you have invested 10$ into the HYIP, from which we received 1$ as a partner bonus from the HYIP administrator. If this website has a 500% RCB, then on your request we will send you 1$ received from the administrator of the HYIP, and we will add 4$ from us. So, immediately after the deposit to the HYIP, you will get additional 5$ bonus from us (for this example). This will greatly increase your income. The request for RCB can be submitted at the appropriate link on the project page. You must be registered in the project by our affiliate link, otherwise you will not receive a bonus. In case we suspect fraud on your part, we are not entitled to pay a bonus.

To get RCB you need:

- Register in a favorite project by our affiliate link;
- Make sure that you are our partner (in the personal account on the project, see who has invited you, must be G-mon, Rest or similar);
- Request RCB within 24 hours after the deposit by clicking on the corresponding link in the project details;
- Write your username in project, amount of deposit and used payment system;
- Wait for payment;
- Any attempts at fraud on your part may be the reason for the refusal to pay RCB.

We are trying to find the most profitable and attractive investment projects for you. However, when earning money on the HYIPs, nobody is insured from deception. Therefore, we warn you: all investments you make at your own risk. We are not responsible for any money you have lost. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. In the case of a scam, be sure to leave negative feedback on the project that deceived you.

For any questions you can contact us via email or in Telegram chat. We wish you all the successful investments and high incomes!